What music can I use on TikTok Creator Marketplace?

Learn more about the Commercial Music Library to ensure your content doesn't infringe copyright.

What is branded content

Learn the rules for posting Branded Content on TikTok.

How do ads work

Discover what Spark Ads are and how to access a Spark Ad code when requested by a brand.

How to get paid

This video outlines how creators get paid by brands on or off the platform. TTCM Pay is only available in: UK, US, CA, AU, FR, ID, TH, VN, KR, JP.

Taking content live

The final step in posting great branded content is getting it out there on time. Discover when it's the best time.

How to create branded content

After accepting a campaign terms with a brand it's time to do what creators do best create!

Accepting a campaign proposal

Learn which key things to look out for when accepting a campaign proposal.

Finding brand opportunities

How to access the TikTok Creator Marketplace dashboard and where to find your campaign invitations.

Joining TikTok Creator Marketplace

Discover how to get involved and eligibility requirements.

What is TikTok Creator Marketplace

Get an overview of the Marketplace. Learn how to discover brands to work with and be discoverable by brands.
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