TTCM Certified Creator programme TTCM Certified Creator programme
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TikTok is looking to elevate the next generation of branded content superstars, and we are
looking for creators to join our TTCM Certified Creator programme!

As a participant, you'll join an immersive virtual educational programme designed to supply you
with the knowledge and tools needed to become a TTCM expert.

Upon programme completion, you will become a TTCM certified creator, which gives you access to:

  • A TTCM certified creator badge, visible to all brands on TTCM
  • Paid opportunities from Top Brands on TTCM
  • TTCM Support
  • Exclusive TikTok events and opportunities
  • Early access to new TTCM product features before other creators
Who can join?
  • Creators who have posted 20 or more videos using the branded content toggle in the past 6 months
  • Creators who are brand safe and follow our community and branded content guidelines
  • Creators who have successfully joined TTCM and who have completed their TTCM profile
  • Creators who have demonstrated experience working with brands
  • Creators who have over 50K followers
Qualifying as a Certified Creator
To qualify for the Certified badge, the creators will need to satisfy the following:
  • Attend and complete all of the TikTok Creator Marketplace Certified Program live sessions,
  • Fully complete their profile on the TikTok Creator Marketplace
  • Pass our graduation quiz

Want to join the programme?

Register your interest here!

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